Friday 13th

Friday 13th
Masks on Fridays

“New Normal?”

new normal zombies
new normal zombies

Zombie zoom!

zombie virtual zombie zoom
zombie zooming

Stand in for video calls

office zombie cardboard cut-out
Will anybody notice?

In work…

no one can hear you
In work, no one can hear you…

Hear no work Zombie

office zombie
I hear no work la la la

Walking to work?

office zombie
Office Zombies walking to work? Or leaving early…

The Working Dead

The working dead
The working dead, most likely trying to get OUT of the office…


zombie hiding behind desk
A typical office zombie day includes hiding from work.

Angry Munny


Custom painted Office Zombies ‘Angry Clarice’ Munny. She’s mad.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween

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