Going Batty for Halloween?

zombie with bats flying around his head
Going batty?!

On mute?

zombies laptop talk
at home, no-one can hear you…


zombie coffee
It’s all about the coffee!

Office Zombies Day!

Office Zombies Day 201


Back to work… Happy Office Zombies Day! Good Luck Everyone!

Coffee? Coffee!




Happy Office Zombies Day 2016!



Yep, we’re back to work yet again.

Happy Office Zombies Day!


Jingle my bells!

Are the Office Zombies simply having a wonderful Christmas time at work? Ever been in work over the Holidays, while everyone else is having fun and enjoying the festive spirit elsewhere? Join Johnny Admin and the office zombie gang who have to work between Christmas and New Year.

Where’s Johnny?

It’s a new video! Offices Zombies presents Johnny Admin, who once again is trying to keep out of everyones way and have a peaceful day at work. However, many of his colleagues have other ideas. Join Johnny as he tries to dodge his way from his desk to meetings.

Just where is Johnny?

Zombie Munny Fun

Zombie munnys

Zombie Munnys at the desk, then off to make coffee.

Top Of The Roof

Johnny Admin returns in animated office zombie form in order to hide from his boss at the top of the roof.

A video for anyone who just wants to get away from it all, those who want to find that special quiet place to sit the working day out, or perhaps have a sing along with other colleagues. Is it nearly time to go home?
Top of the roof… that’s where we go!



Tumblr Fun!

make coffee

Way haaay! Look what we’ve been up to at work via Tumblr officezombies.tumblr.com
Lots of fun for everyone while you work!



Welcome to Office Zombies


Work: The place where you sit at your desk and gaze into desperation, just like the rest of us. Now, let’s have a cup of coffee!